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Providing access to funding opportunities & long-term empowerment for NGO’s & businesses!

Maximizing impact is a core part of our mandate. At Empowerment Boost we offer a diverse and complementary set of offerings. Our ultimate goal is to provide the tools & training needed to empower our clients to develop these skills for themselves. Scaling impact, one client at a time!

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Our Services

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Helping clients in ad content creation, SEO optimization and Ad campaign management
Business and website analytics, data collection systems, efficient strategies to meet KPIs
Logos, icons and social media graphics
Crowdfunding projects on popular platforms
Social media management and analytics
Donor Relations

 Grant Writing

We identify grant opportunities and help clients develop tailored strategies to write winning proposals. 

Using our system we can identify $100,000+ in available funding opportunities. We work to find the best grants to fit your needs & develop a long-term strategy for which opportunities to pursue. Through proposal writing and budget-building services, we maximize your chances of winning.

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Crowd Funding

Google Ads

We can run your Google Ads for you

Most non-profits have access to $10,000USD/m (or $120,000USD per year) in free Google Ad credits. We help clients in registration, ad content creation, SEO optimization, and Ad campaign management, helping you get up to 40% CTR.

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Let us help you with the grant writing process

Let us help you with the Grant Writing Process

We do grant research and write highly competitive grant proposals. We use our databases to evaluate a variety of grant opportunities. Then construct a list of grantmakers who would be a good fit for your organization. This report can be used by your organization on its own or as a starting point for us to assist you with more grant writing inquiries.

At Empowerment Boost we help outline the steps to writing a winning proposal. Matching you with potential grants and assisting you in obtaining them through grant research, writing, and consulting. 

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Crowd Funding


Our best practices will grow both your donors and audience size.

Using a variety of platforms, including invitation-only workplace giving platforms, we can access the target audiences to maximize support for your projects.

Crowd Funding

Grants we have received for our clients

Empowerment Boost helps clients find the best grants to apply for.

Here are some of the grants we have written for clients and won! 

Crowd Funding

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